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Mattison Raymond Group Services

Our Customer Service is Professional and Personal:
* We field calls and inquiries from your Association Members.  
* No Member is turned away or treated like a problem.  
* Generate work orders promptly and provide to appropriate vendor.
* Property Inspections provided to ensure compliance with your Documents included in base compensation.
* Violation notices, late notices processed at no additional cost.
* Owner Relations: We assist Members to resolve Unit to Unit issues.

Our Administrative Services are detailed and can be customized to your needs: 
* Attendance at Board Meetings as established by your Board.
* Preparation of Meeting Packages Meetings required by Documents
* Work with Association Professionals (CPA, Attorneys, Engineers and Insurance Agents)
* Collection letters and collection calls  
* Maintain a comprehensive system of records, books and accounts.
* Enter into Contracts essential to property services.
* Attendance at court proceedings and depositions as needed.
* Creating New Ownership Records 
* Notary Services
* DCA cycle Inspections
* Fire District Inspections
* Suggestions for Policies and Procedures to assist in a smooth running Association 

Accounting Services provided with transparency, integrity and honesty.
* Collection of all Association fees
* Maintain Association Records and make available as requested.
* Prepare Monthly Financial Statements for Board review.
* Periodic Review of reserve study.
* A/P services for all Association Expenses.
* Bank Reconciliations.
* Deposits to local banking institution 
* Assist in providing On-Line Payment Options to keep up with the times.


Please click here to contact a Mattison Raymond Group Specialist in regard to the indicated service denoted above.