Our Staff

Lesa Passarella, CEO and Owner
Gregory Simpson, Property Manager ext. 402
Karoline Siodalska, Bookkeeper and A/P ext 406
Christine Romano, Property Manager ext. 406
Sales & Refinancing Department  Lisa Sherwood ext. 403

Mattison Raymond Group, Inc. and employees who are engaged in the practice of management of community associations must observe all the rules of conduct incorporated in this code of professional ethics. We shall not permit anyone under MRG supervision to carry out on his behalf, either with or without compensation; anything which if carried out would place him in violation of the rules of conduct under the code of professional ethics.

1. General Standards:

Mattison Raymond Group, Inc. shall comply with the following general standards.

·        Professional competence – shall undertake only those engagements which he can reasonably expect to perform with professional competence.

·        Due Professional Care – shall exercise due professional care in the performance of his duties

·        Planning and Supervision – shall adequately plan and supervise an engagement.

2. Integrity and Objectivity:

Mattison Raymond Group, Inc. may not knowingly misrepresent facts in order to benefit himself, his company or any affiliated company from which he may benefit. All representations made to a community association must be made with the best interests of that community in mind.

3. Technical Standards:

Mattison Raymond Group shall comply with all standards that may be currently in force or may from time to time be promulgated the Community Documents, Rules and Regulations, Resolutions and NJ State Law.

4. Professional Courtesy:

Mattison Raymond Group, Inc. shall exhibit professional courtesy to All Members of all community associations and such professional courtesy shall include among other things:

·        MRG will speak with any unit owner with dignity and respect regardless of current status with Association.

·        MRG will exhibit professional courtesy with other Property Management Companies with prompt smooth transitions upon termination or acceptance of new management contracts.

5. Conflict of Interest:

Mattison Raymond Group, Inc. or anyone under his supervision may use his position to enhance his own financial status through acquisition of property or recommendation of vendors, suppliers or contractors that may pay a gratuity to the Management Company or anyone under his supervision.

6. Fiduciary Responsibility to Association:

·        No Management Company may misappropriate any funds or property being held for a client under a fiduciary relationship.

·        No Management Company may co-mingle funds of Community Associations Contracted within its portfolio.

·        ALL reimbursements outlined in a contract is accompanied by invoices at all times.


7.  * Note: it shall not be the responsibility or obligation of the Management Company to ensure communities financial stability.  Our obligation is to perform our duties, within the confines of the law in accordance with your documents.  We pride ourselves in improving the financial stability of your community by actively suggesting and locating savings and diligently pursuing delinquent owners.